May 21, 2010

Dear Dr. Meylan,

I completely agree with you that if TRIZ is sold as something that can leverage brainstorming and is purported to generate breakthrough solutions then buyers, of course, get disappointed with TRIZ because it is not for that.

It is elementary that TRIZ is not to be used in brainstorming and Altshuller always emphasized that breakthrough solutions (i.e. solutions of the 5th level in the TRIZ terminology) are unattainable by TRIZ and that TRIZ is for achieving solutions of the 2nd, 3rd, and sometimes the 4th levels.

Also I would not separate good problem formulation from heuristics because the former requires the latter. ARIZ has heuristics of both types: of problem setting and of problem solving. But the latter are far superior in numbers and strength. Adding more heuristics of problem setting (formulating/stating, re-formulating/re-stating) would not hurt.

Regarding your request to provide an ultimate reference to all such misconceptions about TRIZ, I believe it does not exist. Nobody catalogued yet all silly things that people can imagine about TRIZ. May be such a catalogue has to be indeed created as part of the database of new fallacies and errors of thinking that Anti TRIZ-journal initiated.

Best regards,

Yevgeny Karasik