Dear Mr. Kraev,

a) the other solutions are not less trivial. The fact that they are patented does not make them ingenious. One can get patented any garbage, as you undoubtedly know.

b) Besides being not less trivial, the other solutions are not as universal as simply filling up the cracks. For example, solution #2 proposes to have a multisectional foot. This will only work if there is a guarantee that at least one section will not meet cracks. What if the density of cracks is so high that this condition cannot be satisfied ?

c) The fact that you only elaborated on how to apply ARIZ to arrive at the obvious solution #1 clearly indicates that none of your solutions were obtained by TRIZ. They were obtained without TRIZ and you just backwardly tailored them into TRIZ schemes. The simplest solution was simply simpler to tailor ! That is why you demonstrated "the power of TRIZ" specifically on it.

Yevgeny Karasik