Do Altshuller's books belong to popular science literature and is it possible to derive the laws of technical systems evolution from the laws of nature ?"

Y. B. Karasik,
Thoughts Guiding Systems Corp.,
Ottawa, Canada.

Russia does not cease to amaze. In a new twist of the raging over there campaign of belittling the role of Altshuller in creating TRIZ and bestowing the honor on the Russian guys two TRIZniks published a textbook on TRIZ and did not provide any reference to Altshuller at all ! This seemed to be too much to an individual named B. A. Shevchenko who boldly accused the authors of the textbook in violating 10 commandments: do not steal, do not slander, etc. In response the authors unperturbedly answered: "The higher education textbooks regulations prohibit from citing and referencing the popular science books to which the books by Altshuller belong."

Reference to a regulation or a law always impressed the law abiding Russians and B. A. Shevchenko did not respond to the canny judicial argument. Thereby he left the honor of doing so to me.

It ought to be said that the Russian definition of popular science literature is quite different from the English one. In Russia any scientific book written in a plain understandable language which is clear to anyone is considered to be popular science. But even from this standpoint Altshuller's books are either both science and popular science, or neither of them. All depends on admitting scientific value of his ideas. If one believes that Altshuller's theories have something to do with science then his books belong to both science and popular science genre (in the Russian definition of the latter term). But if he or she does not, then Altshuller's books belong to science fiction or fantasy genre only.

Surprising as it might appear, the authors of the textbook have not recognized the dual nature of Altshuller's books despite TRIZ should have taught them to do so. This attests to the fact that knowledge of TRIZ does not leverage the ability to recognize and understand paradoxes and dual nature of things.

Furthermore it is my opinion that the laws of physics are degenerate case of the laws of systems' evolution [1, 2, 3].