Review of Inventor’s Manual by Dr. Nikolay R. Bogatyrev, Mikhail N. Bogatyrev and Dr. Olga A. Bogatyreva

Alex Acosta
Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

BioTRIZ called my attention long time ago because I have great interest in bionics []. Therefore, when I heard that they did a TRIZ book my curiosity caused me to buy the book. Of course, I was aware about the mediocrity of TRIZ books but anyway I decided to spend 54.37 euros on the book.

My first impression: disappointment. In the very first pages, you can find the typical propaganda: Buy a DVD!

In next pages, you can find more propaganda:

So, do I need to buy more in order to understand something?

In the acknowledgements page they explain that the work was partly funded by the European Space Agency (to provide a tool for inventive problem solving in critical situations that may arise in long duration Space missions to the Moon and Mars). Ok, it sounds very important, I like ESA…

After the typical explanations that TRIZ (and the book) is very powerful in solving “unsolvable” problems, they talk about Samsung cases, saying that TRIZ is in all the best companies, etc. Here is my favourite of their propaganda:

We arrive at page 14 where they start introducing the steps of their algorithm. The algorithm seems a confusing variation of the first Altshuller ARIZs:

In the book description on Amazon they claim:

In conclusion, the art of the book is very good but its contents are mediocre and poor. There is nothing new. Maybe for a child it could be an interesting book but not as “Inventor’s manual”. 50 euros for this book is very excessive too, maybe 10 or 15 euros is much fairer.