The Law of Transitioning of Biological Systems to Mini-Level

Y. B. Karasik,
Thoughts Guiding Systems Corp.,
Ottawa, Canada.

Recently I read about an amazing discovery made by researchers of Bristol University: the ancient scorpion was larger than a man ! Generally, the prehistoric arthropods - creatures with external skeletons and segmented bodies - such as cockroaches, spiders, crabs, etc. were several orders of magnitude larger than their current descendants. At least 100 times larger. Says the university researcher Simon Braddy:

It has to be recalled that ancient reptiles (e.g. dinosaurs) were also several orders of magnitude larger than the contemporary reptiles. It appears that there is an analogue to TRIZ law of transition to a micro-level: biological systems in the course of their evolution transition from a mega- to a mini-level.

But there is also a big difference between biological and technological evolution. When a new type of machines emerges they can be of any size. But the very first scorpions could not be large right away (unless they evolved from other large creatures, which is unlikely). More likely the first scorpions were small and then evolved to become big. It is plausible to assume that evolution of the normal size of species in the same genus follows a bell curve:

If it is correct, then the future people should be several orders of magnitude smaller than us. And indeed, the current trend of the Earth population evolution seems to corroborate this forecast. The average height of humans goes down all the time: the population of tall peoples dwindles whereas the population of short peoples grows !

This is a solution to all current problems: lack of water, lack of oil, overpopulation, etc. When people rich the size of a few centimeters, they will consume much less water and will need much less land. Their SUVs will also be just a few centimeters big and require a fraction of gas of the current SUVs. There will be also no need in maintaing the current infrastructure. A new one, for tiny people, will be built.

The only problem is to have time to become small enough before all resources run out and infrastructure collapses. Specifically, the pace of human race miniaturization has to outpace the pace of depletion of natural resources. And TRIZ can help here tremendously. Otherwise what is "Directed Evolution" for ?