The Slacking Mouse of the Bank of America

Y. B. Karasik
Thoughts Guiding Systems Corp.,
Ottawa, Canada.

Whatever critics say, TRIZ helps to expose redundant elements in a system and determine at what stage of evolution the system is. It does it not in a way that one would expect it to do (i.e. through applying ARIZ, SuField analysis, patterns of evolution, etc.), but in quite an unusual way.

If there is somebody in a system that can spend the working hours on "improving" TRIZ or "extending" it to a new area, etc., he is definitely redundant. None of the people that really contributed to TRIZ ever had such a luxury. Altshuller himself used to work nowhere. Others were also busy (and still are) with their office duties. Thus, if you see a guy that "works" at work on adapting TRIZ to his organization, know that he is paid for nothing !

Jack Stuart of The Bank of America belongs to the above category. Now I know where my money goes. Now I realized power of TRIZ as a method of attracting and exposing all those who are slacking at work and who indulged in creating yet another version of the "40 principles in painting" ! Moreover, now I know at what stage of evolution this bank is ! (Truly speaking, I learned it from newspapers. But has not fitting the old news into TRIZ schemes become the true TRIZ approach ?)