• Thoughts Guiding Systems Corp. is proud to offer the first of its thoughts guiding tools called "The Root Cause Finder" software. Version 1.0 can be tried for free here. Versions 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4 can be purchased for $100, $150, $200 (per one license) respectively.

  • Thoughts Guiding Systems Corp. is also proud to offer the first contradiction matrix of non-Altshullerian type, which is based on separating directly controllable parameters from indirectly controllable ones and features many new parameters of the former type missed by all researchers working on expansion of the list of the known contradictory parameters. The introductory price of this product is $200.

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The following courses are available:
  • Basic ideas of TRIZ (taught over the internet)
  • Two weeks course on inventive problem solving skills

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