Why are you the ideal condidate for the job ?

Y. B. Karasik,
Thoughts Guiding Systems Corp.,
Ottawa, Canada.

One of the challenges humans face is job interviews. TRIZ can help to succeed at them. The purpose of this article is to show how.

There are several tough questions employers love to ask:

There are many advices on how to answer them. Unfortunately all these advices were given by people not familiar with TRIZ. That is why employers are often left disappointed. I decided to fill this gap and give the correct TRIZ answers to the above questions.

Who is the ideal candidate for a job from the TRIZ prospective ? It is a person whose ratio usefulness/cost is the highest. Thus, the correct answer is "I am the ideal candidate because I am able to do a lot but cost a little".

Similarly, what is the perfect job from the TRIZ prospective ? Please do not say that it is a job that does not exist but pays well. It is an incorrect TRIZ answer. The correct one is this: my ideal job is to work the most but be paid the least.

Why should we hire you ? Well, if the above answers did not make it already clear add this: you should hire me because nobody else is able to do so much for so little.

What is your greatest strength ? Don't say that you work hard, a good problem solver, creative, etc. All these answers already set employers' teeth on edge. Say by TRIZ: "My greatest strength is the ability to devote all of myself to the work and demand almost nothing in return."

What is your greatest weakness ? It is a no brainer. You can rely on the classical advice: say something that the employer does not need. So say this: I don't know TRIZ perfectly. Nobody needs TRIZ, is not it ? So, such an answer is a sure bet. But just in case if they are nuts and need it don't forget to add adjective "perfectly" ! It will save your face.