Who is TRIZnik

A person whose profession is mathematics is called mathematician. A person whose profession is physics is called physicist, etc. But how to call a person whose profession is TRIZ ?

In Russian such a person is called TRIZovets. In 1996 while corresponding in English with some people, I faced a necessity of translating this word into English. Initially, it did not seem to be a poblem. A word composed of "TRIZ" and some suffix would work.

However, I could not find a proper English suffix. TRIZist, TRIZian, TRIZer, etc sounded ugly. The contradiction: there should be a suffix and there is no proper suffix - was resolved as follows. Suffix had to be taken from another language. However, it had to be such a suffix, which was familiar to English speakers.

At this point I recalled word "refusenik" consisting of English verb "refuse" and Russian suffix "nik". Obviously, this suffix took roots in English and seemed to be suitable. That is why, I decided to translate word TRIZovets as TRIZnik. A new term was, thereby, coined, and spread around the globe.

Recently, however, I received a complaint that Russians do not like when they are called TRIZniks. And rightly so ! In Russian, this word sounds as ugly as word TRIZist in English. Please never call Russians TRIZniks !