What Has TRIZ Brought to the World ?

USSR where it was born and began flourishing in the 1970s and 1980s collapsed soon after.

Detroit where "Ideation International" and "The TRIZ Group" set their shops over 10 years ago to allegedly help American automakers to innovate is now an economical disaster area. The Big Three and all Michigan industry go from bad to worse.

Motorola which was "visionary" enough to be first to buy Tsourikov's "Invention Machine" software in 1996 turned from a high-tech marvel into a company on the verge of survival. What happened to the smaller players that bought this software we simply do not know.

Boeing which harbored TRIZ specialists in Seattle 10+ years ago to help it to innovate slipped in innovation behind Airbus with its release of the really innovative A-380 jumbo jet.

Maybe all this is not TRIZ's fault ? Maybe it is just a coincidence ? Then TRIZ does not fulfill its main purpose: turn the tide, turn the weak into a strong. What's the point to claim that TRIZ helps if it only "helps" those which are doing well without its "help" and does not help the rest ?

Is he mighty and strong who is strong and mighty
If he can't raise a weak to the gleaming heights ?

Altshuller loved these lines and quoted them in one of his sci-fi stories about developers of methods of creativity. Unfortunately, TRIZ turned out to be unable neither to raise one which gets ever weaker and smaller back to its glorious heights nor to avert its downfall.