Why TRIZ does not take roots in America, or
The overall review of the June 2003 issue of the TRIZ-journal

Y. B. Karasik,
Thought Guiding Systems Corp.,
Ottawa, Canada.

Carsten Gundlach, Horst Nähler, und Rolf Herb boast in the June issue of the TRIZ-journal that "the Eidgenoessische Technische Hochschule hosted approximately 100 participants, whereas the well known TRIZCON 2003 of Altshuller Institute attracted only two thirds of this number" [1]. They will be embarassed to learn the real reason of this.

Altshuller used to subdivide rubbish into Russian, German, etc. According to him, Russian rubbish is a rubbish with a lot of quotations from various classics purported to prove every claim but actually proving nothing, a rubbish with a long list of references mostly irrelevant, etc. By German rubbish he meant ponderous treatises with a lot of schemes, diagrams, formulae etc. purported to provide a solid theory of subject in question, but, in fact, making it more obscure. He did not know what American, French, British, or Italian rubbish was because he was not familiar with these people. However, he used to say that neither Russian nor German rubbish could take roots in America. What was the basis of his belief, I don't know.

But it seems that he was right. Just take a look at the kind of "TRIZ" the TRIZ-journal et al. spread around. It is a mixture of Russian and German rubbish. No wonder, that their "TRIZ" does not take roots in America. No wonder that nobody in America goes to TRIZCONs. On the other hand, it is also no wonder that this kind of TRIZ attract many particpants at conferences at Eidgenoessische Technische Hochschule und other schule.

To see it, just take a look at the contents of the June issue of the TRIZ-journal.
Article "Reangularity, Semangularity, and Ideality" is a German rubbish.
Article "Functional thinking in production process environment" is also a German rubbish.
Article "Develop New Kind Of Plough By Using TRIZ And Robust Design" is a Russian rubbish made in China.
Article "Application Area of Thinking Tool or Problem Solving Tool" is a combination of Russian and German rubbish, which resulted in a peculiar bi-effect: diagrams and new abstruce notions are devoid of any meaning, wheras "quotations" are clear but completely irrelevant.
Article "TRIZ and Case Study About Bus Seats" is a Russian rubbish made in Turkey.
And finally, article "SARS and 40 Principles For Eliminating Technical Contradictions: Creative Singapore" is a Russian rubbish made in Australia by Russians.

What does the TRIZ-journal want to make of America ?

R E F E R E N C E S:

1. Carsten Gundlach, Horst Nähler und Rolf Herb, "Conference Minutes, 3rd European TRIZ Conference 2003 at ETH Zuerich", The June 2003 issue of the TRIZ-journal.