90% of All TRIZ Scientists Are Against Darwinism !

Y. B. Karasik,
Thoughts Guiding Systems Corp.,
Ottawa, Canada.

Ideation International's web site features an article by Boris Zlotin and Alla Zusman (a.k.a. "90% of all TRIZ scientists") titled "A Natural Brain for Intelligent Design". Despite being claimed to contain a new scientific concept for biological evolution, the article in fact attests to the profound ignorance of these "scientists".

For example, without a shadow of a doubt, they allege the existence of the following paradoxes (or enigmas, as they call them) in the Darwinian concept of evolution:

Here Zlotin confused "the pressure of natural selection" with "the impact/pressure from the environment" (such as cold weather, etc). It is true that cephalization entails better adaptability to the natural environment. But it also entails emergence of more sophisticated predators which threaten species even more than cold weather. Cephalization makes the world more dangerous. That is why species continue to evolve at ever increasing pace in order to outsmart the ever smarter/lethal dangers.

Besides, cephalization is just a sign of the growing complexity of species. The more complex a species is, the more slight modifications may happen in it. This is another factor of accelerating of evolution when complexity of species increases.

The probability of the appearance of biological features is impossible to calculate without adopting some hypotheses and making simplifying assumptions. Depending on hypotheses and simplifications adopted, people receive different estimates of this probability. Zlotin probably refers to estimates based on religious assumptions made by the adherents of Intelligent Design.

Darwin never claimed that all new features (organs) that appear in the course of evolution have to be functional. They only have to have positive or neutral impact on the species in order not to decrease its survivability. Non functioning features (organs) that Zlotin mentioned, must have had neutral impact on the species. That is why natural selection did not kill them.

Zlotin sees paradox in that organ does not function but continues to evolve. So what that it does not function ? Does not it get changed by mutations then ? Yes, it does. Mutations drive its evolution and may make it functioning at some point in time.

Only such self-enamoured and vainglorious people as Zlotin use their brains for their individual survival only. The brains of other peoples work on survival/advancing of the mankind.