The Lions Emblem Welcome to the Delaware Lions Club
Delaware, Ontario, Canada
Sponsored by the Belmont Lions Club
Chartered March 24, 1971

Proud sponsor of the . . . Glencoe District Lions Club 1974
London Westmount Lions Club 1976
Lambeth Lions Club 1977
Delaware Lioness Club 1998

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Delaware Community Centre

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Davis Manor
Seniors Housing Complex

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Junk Yard Project

"Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen, to our 23rd Annual Seniors Dinner."
Seniors Christmas Dinner

Seniors Open House 2001
Seniors Open House

Seniors Open House 2002
Seniors Open House

Join Us in Lionism!
Do you want to serve your community?
Do you want to help the less fortunate?
Do you want to feel the joy of Lionism?
Do you feel the need to help? 

The Delaware Lions Club is composed of men who have a desire to help serve their fellow man. We are not a social or professional organization. We are a civic organization dedicated to serving. But here is the secret, we know how to have fun and by having fun as we serve, we do it well.

Membership into Lionism is by invitation only. If you know a member of our club, ask him what it takes to become a member. Not sure if you know a Lion? Click here to view a roster of our members. Do you recognize someone you know? Don't hesitate, ask him. If you do not see anyone you know just Email us at

Don't wait any longer.
Feel the Joy and Pride of being a Lion.
We are waiting to hear from you.

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