Getting a puppy


Getting a Westie or Scottie

There are 5 steps to being considered as an owner of a GlenRoslin Westie/Scottie and they are as follows:

    • Initial contact by either e-mail or phone.
    • Completion of information questionnaire
    • Home visit to meet Bob, the adult dogs and to see the environment that the female adults
      live in and the environment that the puppies are born into. This also allows Bob to meet prospective puppy owners.
    • Checking out the suggested websites and purchasing the suggested reading materials.
    • THE WAIT (sometimes long, sometimes not so long).

Tuppence in Clover

All GlenRoslin puppies come with a 100% health guarantee, they are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC), have been given a clean bill of health by our trusted veterinarian, and have had their first set of shots. The puppy also has had a microchip inserted as a means of identification. The CKC dictates that all puppies must be identified prior to leaving the breeder and in our opinion, this is the best means of identification as it gives a much better chance of the puppy being returned to it’s rightful owners should it become lost. All of the puppies are helped into this world lovingly by us and from the moment of their birth, they know the comfort of a cuddle and a soft voice.

We handle them so that they are used to a gentle hand and a soft voice; we let mum take care of most of their needs but we give them some human contact every day while we are making sure they have a clean dry whelping box. Once the weaning process starts, those babies are cuddled and given lots of human and canine socialization.

Westie in clovers
GlenRoslin’s Tuppence A Bag

The puppies are born within the circle of our family and never leave it, until they are ready to go to their new home. That is why it is so very important for us to select just the right home. After the puppy leaves us, we are always available to help and if we don’t have the knowledge or information required, we will ensure that we find it. We raise quality puppies for both show and pet homes.

We offer a full range of services to puppy owner. We board back our puppies when you go on vacation and remember: all the dogs are in our home, not a kennel facility. We also offer full grooming services at reasonable rates.


Download the questionnaires

You will need the freeware program Acrobat Reader to do this. If you do not have this application, you may download it free of charge by clicking here

Acrobat Reader

If you would like to pursue the adoption of a GlenRoslin puppy, please complete the application and forward it to us by email or regular mail.

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