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The Canadian West Highland White Terrier Club
Official website for the Club.

Canadian Westie Rescue
This site will give you information on Canadian Westie Rescue and how you can help this very worthwhile cause.

NR/BARF Supplier, Book, Practitioner Directory List
This site will take you to a wealth of knowledge on Natural Rearing. Everything you need can be found at this site from suppliers to veterinarians.

This site will offer a wealth of knowledge on the Dr. Billinghurst Nutritional Diet and natural rearing. It will assist you in locating a source for the prepared diet close to your home.

Barf for beginners
The Top 50 Most Frequently Asked BARF Questions Newcomers Ask

Raw feeding FAQ

Kenlakes Westies, KY

Anstamm Scottish Terriers

The Urban Carnivore

Articles about dogs, dog training and dog food

Websites about vaccinations:
They shoot horses, but vaccinate dogs

K9joy education
How you can make sure you are feeding your dog a healthy diet

BARF, Holistic dog and related links

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