Just who are the Given's?

I'm glad you asked that question. We are a happy family living in London, Ontario. Contrary to popular belief, it's not always cold "up here" in Canada. In fact, we've set some records this past summer in London with temperature highs close to 40 degrees, (that's around 100 in Farenheit).

The head of our small clan, and author of this web site, is known as Mark. I work at Canada Life where I spend my days programming away in Lotus Notes. My wife, Anna, stays at home with our 2 children, Julia and Luke. Hot on the heels of Luke's birth, we moved into our new house, which we are slowly starting to settle into. You know the routine, boxes in every room, half of which get put away, and the other half of which get hidden in the basement.

I like to code in my spare time, which is why I have tried my hand at writing a card game known as King Pede. Of course, I don't seem to get much spare time anymore, but that's ok. I'll throw some pictures on this page as soon as I can get a hold of a scanner.

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This page last updated: Mar. 26, 2001