Here are just a few of our favourite sites:
Star Trek Continuum Star Trek Continuum - the best source of Star Trek info. Every episode, every character, even scenes from upcoming shows. 
Playmates Toys View the complete list of Star Trek characters. I'm only missing a few.
Raving Toy Maniac Star Trek News
If you'd rather have up-to-date Playmates info, check out the Raving Toy Maniac Star Trek News page
If you want to buy any of these characters, you should look at:
New Force Comics & Collectibles 
Federation Supply Base 
The Star Trek Action Figure Collectors Page
Play Trek If you want to discuss these characters with other collectors, check out PlayTrek!
Canada Trust My employer, and a great place to put your money! 
Play Jeopardy OnLine
Les Misérables - The best play ever! 
JAM! TV Listings - A great source for Canadian TV listings! (and US too)
SOAR - Searchable Online Archive of Recipes. 
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