Welcome to the 17TH year of London 911 Hockey.  I started this league with the hopes of improving and enhancing the camaraderie of all related emergency services in the area, while enjoying Canada's great pass-time.

We are going strong as a  6 team league,  and have quite a wide array of emergency service workers playing, including Firefighters, Police Officers, Paramedics, Doctors, and Nurses.

The teams will be randomly picked with an even number from each respective service, to give everyone a chance to get to know those you have been working alongside.

All skill levels are welcome, and the teams will be re-picked at the beginning of each year.  Please respect each other, I am pretty sure the chance of cracking the "bigs" is over.



It is your responsibility to arrange for a replacement for any games that you are unable to play.  Refer to your back-up list, and notify your team rep.  Please try to give as much notice as possible to the replacement. 



London 911 Hockey is a No Body Contact league.  The following outline of rules is a general guide as to how penalties will be handled.  As indicated below, the convenor, in consultation with the team reps, reserves the right to make any and all decisions regarding the operation of the league, including suspensions etc., as is deemed necessary and appropriate for the League.


Game misconduct                         1 Game Suspension

1st Fight or Major                         3 Game Suspension

2nd Fight or Major                        Expulsion from League



***** A minimum of 10 games must be played in regular season to qualify for playoffs as well as next years draft ***** (starting 2014-15 year)

        No red line

        2 minute warm up

        2 periods, 20, 25 min running time

If No goalie, teams decide if an empty net is a goal, or if you have to hit a reps of that game decide

        Hurry-up face-offs

        2 minute penalties

        ties allowed in regular season

        NO change of ends after each period

        last 2 min of game stop time if 2 goals or less difference (unless near curfew)


 *** There will be no refund of registration fees for any expulsion ***


Regular Season Tie Breaker rules

If 2 teams, then head to head.  If still tied, lowest plus minus through season.  If more than 2 teams, plus/minus.  If then only 2 are tied, head to head.

Round Robin Format

After the 20 regular season, all teams make the playoffs.  The top 3 teams play the bottom 3 teams in a 3 game round robin format.  After that, the 3rd and 4th team play for the B Final, and the 1st and 2nd play for the A final.  Ties are allowed.  After the 3 round robin game, ties will be determined by:   1. head to head in round robin (if played, unless more than 2 teams)    2. plus/minus from round robin      3. head to head regular season  (if only 2 teams)    4. regular season final standings   



Shootout, NHL format...3 shooters each, alternating, then sudden death shooters.



  If you are short players (6 skaters or less), you may use enough spares to make a maximum of 8 skaters (although spares cannot outnumber regulars), getting permission from the opposing team, to play with substitutes, otherwise a 1-0 score will be recorded as a forfeit. You must have 5 skaters and a goalie to proceed with a game.  Spares must wear their own jersey (or a similar one), put on inside out, as no points are counted for sparing.



Individuals are responsible for their assigned sweaters, and must return sweaters at the conclusion of season.  Failure to return will result in a $50 charge on the following years registration.

or a $50 charge if not returning