Homemade PVC Deer Feeder


Herd of white-tailed deer outside our window
18 Deer feeding in our back yard - Photo taken from our dining room window. Click on photo to zoom in!

Materials for 3 feeders:

  • 1 - 10 foot 4" (100mm) PVC drainage pipe (Home Depot Canada $12.19)(Prices Jan 2010)
  • 3 - Y female 4" fittings MxFxF (Home Depot Canada #650176 $5.29 each)
  • 6 - end caps for 4" pipe (Home Depot Canada #650580 $2.48 each)
  • 3 - 3" to 4" nails
  • 12 - " wood screws or sheet metal self-tapping screws

Assembly instructions:

Cut the flared end off the 10' pipe. Use a wood saw - it is soft material.

Cut the pipe into 3 equal length pieces, and sand the cut edges so they are smooth for an easy fit to the caps.

Drill a 3/8" hole on the printed side about 4" from one end - this is for the nail that is holding the feeder onto a tree. The printed side will be against the tree. Put a large nail - 3" to 4" long, into the tree trunk at about eye level - 5 feet from the ground. Leave about 1" sticking out to hang the feeder.

Attach the female Y connector to the other end of the pipe, with the Y facing the opposite direction from the drilled hole. You can use glue for a permanent connection, or the " wood screws for easy disassembly if needed. Pre-drill the holes for the screws with 1/8" drill. 2 screws should do for each connection.

Attach a cap to the bottom of the Y with 2 screws. Try to use short screws so they don't protrude inside to hurt the deer. File points if necessary.

Fill the tube with whole corn, loosely place the cap on top of the pipe, and hang from a nail hammered into a tree about 5 feet from the ground. I get my corn in bulk 40 Kg. (88 pound) bags from the local farm supply store. You can also blend in some oats, or cracked corn, but I find whole corn works great by itself, and easily slides through the pipe. If you have access to vegtable scraps, or stale vegetables or fruit from the local grocery store, just dump it on the ground near the feeders as a tasty treat.

You may need to sand smooth the fittings so they fit easily together for assembly. Especially the top cap has to fit smoothly, since this is removed daily for refilling with corn.

I have to re-fill all three feeders daily, since the local herd licks them clean each night!

It does not hurt to put up some lights around your feeder so you can enjoy watching them!

One other idea we use is to install a wireless motion-sensing doorbell by the feeder so the doorbell rings whenever the deer arrive - usually after dusk. I have installed a switch on my doorbell to be able to turn it off before going to bed, otherwise it will probably keep you awake all night! Just connect the switch in the loudspeaker circuit or the battery wire to switch it off.
deer feeder
deer lights deer feeder
3 deer Buck
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