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This page will no longer be updated as of January 1, 2014.

Due to deteriorating coax cables,as well as old age, I will not be receiving the NOAA satellites anymore.

NOAA 19 is transmitting on 137.100 MHz
NOAA 19 - Central
2014-07-04     18:35 UTC
Central pass
Processed using SatSignal
Today  2014-August-10 at Golden Acres it is sunny with a temperature of  Click for Yarker, Ontario

Supermoon August 10, 2014
Supermoon August 10, 2014

Latest GOES East Visible Goes East  image of our area

Only useful during local daylight hours!

Click on the thumbnail to get the full size picture

Sample NOAA 14 sound clip - 5 seconds

Times shown are Coordinated Universal Time (EST + 5 hours) for closest approach of satellite

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