Weather Satellite Links


Excellent image of NOAA 15 courtesy of NASA

  • Links to other APT sites
  • Steven Ross's weather satellite page from Sterling, Virginia, updated daily
  • Bob Cash's weather satellite page from Arizona, USA, updated daily
  • Victor Golzáles weather satellite page from Canary Islands (Spain), updated daily
  • Les Hamilton's color images of Europe updated daily
  • Jerry's color images of Australia
  • James Scheffler color images of North America updated daily
  • John Coppens color images of South America
  • Miscellaneous links of interest to weather satellite watchers
  • Link to HFFAX HFFAX site with lots of WeatherSat info and links
  • NASA Goddard Space Flight Center SeaWiFS Project Home page
  • Link to AVHRR from the Ocean Remote Sensing Group - Johns Hopkins University, Applied Physics Laboratory
  • Current GOES8 1Km resolution images plus animation from the Global Hydrology and Climate Center
  • Current Percipitation Radar image of North America
  • Real-time GOES 8 visible image of North America
  • Latest Master list of TLEs from Dr TS Kelso's CelesTrak WWW site

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