The Accademia della Danza is the renaissance dance research group in the Barony of Carolingia. We are a small group of Scadians doing various bits of research into dance before 1600 (OK, we do look all the way up to about 1605, actually).

In the past, we have done reconstructions of the early Italian dance Verceppe. We have also looked into early Burgundian Basse Dance (where early is defined as late 15th century).

Our current projects involve mostly trying to go through all of the dances in the Ebreo/Domenico/Cornazano/... repertoire, and reconstructing them all.

I will eventually be trying to get everything we have done up here and viewable, but I suspect I will be a long time catching up. Nevertheless, here is what I have put up here so far:

Also, here is a list of useful resources:

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