Salti del Fiocco

The following is a facsimile of pages 62-73 of Negri's Nuove Inventioni di Balli, taken from the dance collection of the Library of Congress.

This page might take a little while to load, as it has about 1M of images in it.

For a transcription of the text and Kendall's translation, matched line-by-line, see here.

For my own modifications to this translation (so as to make it clearer), see here.

For a reconstruction of these jumps, see here.

Without further ado, the facsimile:

Page 62

Page 63

Page 64

Page 65

Page 66

Page 67

Page 68

Page 69

Page 70

Page 71

Page 72

Facsimile of the original
Original text, with translation by Kendall
Original text, with looser, but clearer translation by myself

Reconstructed by Nathan Kronenfeld
Copyright © 1999, Susan and Nathan Kronenfeld
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