1-2 June 2016, Bern, Switzerland
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Welcome Message from the WCVII/ICWO President

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It is a privilege to warmly welcome all of you from several countries, attending the Tenth World Congress on Vaccines, Immunisation and Immunotherapy (WCVII) in Bern, capital of Switzerland. We created this Congress in 1997, open to all Colleagues from academia, industry, hospitals, research institutes, biotech firms, governmental services and international organisations interested in promoting the science, research, development and expertise in vaccinology and immunotherapy. Since nineteen years our Congress has served as the example of  medical and scientific global international strategic cooperation. The World Congress on Vaccines, Immunisation and Immunotherapy is the global congress established by scholars. The WCVII is the longest running international forum for the latest research and development in the fields of vaccines, immunisation and immune therapy.

The scientific programme of the Congress is facilitating research contacts and sharing information available to develop new, highly immunogenic and safe vaccines, as well as novel  immunotherapeutics and to discuss vaccination procedures, regulations and schedules. Specialists from all regions of Switzerland and the World are very welcome  in Bern, the UNESCO World Heritage Site, to meet at WCVII 2016.

Today, sophisticated genetic engineering technology has revolutionised the whole approach to producing vaccines and their delivery, resulting in optimal immunogenic response benefiting  vaccinees. There is no doubt about the effectiveness of vaccines to prevent and control human and animal infectious diseases. With plenary sessions and symposia, the WCVII offers variety and quality to all participants. You will benefit from the high scientific and medical research  standards of the Congress and enjoy the country capital  city of Bern, full of history, architecture, art, music, science, gastronomy and interesting life of local people.

The organisers from ICWO are very pleased to work with all of you towards a successful Tenth World Congress on Vaccines, Immunisation and Immunotherapy.

Prof. Dr. Edouard Kurstak
President & Founder of WCVII & ICWO
  Infections Control World Organization 
Faculty of Medicine, University of Montreal, Canada



Bern, 1-2 June 2016


All are welcome from Switzerland and the World

WCVII  2016 with several sessions and symposia will focus mainly on:

Progress in the development of vaccines, immunisation concepts, strategies and immunotherapeutics * Advances in vaccine designs: Adjuvants, delivery systems, vectors and immunopotentiators * Improved technologies for vaccines formulation and quality control * Bacterial and live viral vaccines * Monoclonal antibodies to treat or prevent mixed bacterial infections * Practical issues, social aspects, biosafety of current vaccination and vaccines * Vaccination challenges of populations in unexpected massive migration movement * Future challenges in vaccines safety, acceptability and regulatory issues * Pediatric immunisation * Vaccination among the elderly population * Advances in gene-based vaccines * Development of gene therapy products: Regulatory view * mRNA-based vaccines development * Topical vaccines: Epidermal and dermal immunisation * Progress in mucosal immunology and immunisation * Mucosal immunisation against respiratory pathogens * Genomics for vaccines research * Plant-based systems for vaccines and pharmaceuticals * Viral hepatitis and AIDS global prevention and control * Current status in human immunodeficiency virus vaccines research and clinical trials * Advances in meningitis vaccines * Progress in vaccines against pneumococcal infections * Vaccines for malaria infections * Vaccines and immunisation against respiratory infections * Vaccines for pandemic flu * Influenza vaccine novel requirements and challenges in seasonal, pre and post pandemic * Impact of long term vaccination on infections epidemiology * Programmes implementation to improve vaccine uptake and vaccine coverage * Research toward a novel Ebola virus vaccine * Therapeutic vaccines * Tuberculosis immunotherapy * HPV vaccines for prevention of cervical cancer * Translational research defining vaccine targets and cancer therapy * Anti-cancer vaccines: Targeted therapy and cell-based immune therapy * Carbohydrate mimotope-based immunotherapy of breast cancer * Progress in immune therapy of prostate cancer * Peptide-based disease vaccines * Development of vaccines for non infectious diseases*

is organised by the

Infections Control World Organization

with scientific cooperation of the

Swiss Expert Committee for Biosafety
University of Montreal, Faculty of Medicine
University of Genova, Department of Health Sciences

University of Milan, Department of Biomedical Sciences for Health
University of Florence, Department of Health Sciences
University of Rome Tor Vergata
University of Ferrara, Department of Medical Sciences
University of Foggia, Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences
Griffith University, Centre for Medicine and Oral Health

University of Tokyo, The Institute of Medical Science

Charité-Universitätsmedizin and Humboldt University
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute
The Texas University, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston
University of Barcelona, Department of Public Health

Saint-Petersburg Research Institute for Children's Infectious Diseases
Max-Planck Institute for Infection Biology
Robert Koch Institute

Fraunhofer USA Center for Molecular Biotechnology
Taylor & Francis Scientific Publisher Group - Human Vaccines and Immunotherapeutics

Leading scholars and scientists organising this well recognised World Congress would be very happy to see you take part in WCVII 2016 in Bern.
We were the first who founded in 1997 the World Congress on Vaccines, Immunisation and Immunotherapy.
Many specialists in global vaccinology, preventive medicine and scientists engaged in research at universities, institutes, hospitals and industry
to develop new highly immunogenic, safe vaccines and immunotherapeutics participated in previous Congresses.

Don't miss your ideal Congress and meet the eminent scientists and experts