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Health care professionals are now cautioning against using fish oil as a
source of Omega 3 due to the risk of toxicity and rancidity.  However, they still agree that taking a good quality form of Omega 3 is critical to keeping your immune response healthy, as well as your cardio-vascular system.  Optimum brain function is also closely related to obtaining a regular supply of the right Omegas in our diet. Current research reveals daily the benefits of having adequate Vitamin D in our daily diet.

Auum Omega 3 Sublingual D
 provides perfectly balanced, bio-identical Omegas
combined with the best Vitamin D3
in the most absorbable form available!

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Why you should use Auum Omega 3 Sublingual D?
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H1N1 FLU - Maintaining Your Health Naturally

Dr Mercola on Vitamin D



Over 80% of children diagnosed with ADD/ADHD are deficient in
Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids.

Rather than being deficient in a drug, these children are desperately in need of a nutrient that is absolutely essential for brain function and well-being.

DHA is a critical nutrient in the last trimester of pregnancy and first 3 months after birth. Breast milk continues to provide DHA and DPA in almost equal parts.  Due to today’s diet, not only deficient in Omega 3, but also excessively high in Omega 6, many children and adults alike lack the essential building blocks for optimum brain function.

Our brain is 60% fat.
Omega 3 makes up 20% of our brain.

Neurons rich in DHA have increased sensitivity to the neurotransmitters- dopamine and serotonin, resulting in increased attention and focus, better eye-hand coordination and enhanced mood

What results have been obtained in children taking Auum Sublingual D?

Better focus & concentration
Better sleep patterns
Increased communication skills
Disappearance of temper tantrums
Less aggressive behaviour
More sociable and considerate
More even mood
Improved compliance
More impulse control
Improvement in urinary issues

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8 out of 10 children see dramatic benefits within 10 days

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The Importance of Omega 3 during Pregnancy,
Breastfeeding and Infancy

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Omega 3 Benefits Your Baby's Brain and Eyes

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Auum Omega 3 Sublingual D and Auum Omega 3 Capsules
for everyone

Supply Omega 6 and Omega 3 in the ideal 1:1 ratio required by our bodies quickly bringing serum levels to a healthier level. Animal-based Omega 3 is easily recognized and absorbed by our bodies without any conversion . The sublingual formulation can provide up to 85% absorption when held under the tongue for 45 seconds.  Delivery is directly to the brain within 60 seconds through the sublingual link to the arterial network DPA makes up about one third of the long-chain fatty acids circulating in our bloodstream. This DPA component is practically non-existent in fish oil. Our bodies must convert ALA to DPA from flax and other vegetable sources, and must convert fish oil DHA to DPA in order for our bodies to use it efficiently. This conversion, even in the healthiest of individuals is only 2-5%. Researchers believe that many people lack the ability to make this conversion.

Many adults see results immediately

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