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Comhnadh (com-NEW) is Gaelic for ASSISTANCE

I retired from the Ministry of Education in 1997 and have been assisting agencies,
associations and parents in obtaining appropriate special education services for exceptional pupils. In 1998 I was a validator for the Intensive Support Amount (ISA) Grant Approvals, on contract to the Ministry of Education. I am currently a contract employee of the Education Quality Accountability Office (EQAO), involved in the Grade 3, Grade 6, Grade 9 and Grade 10 assessments.

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Education Services

  • Comhnadh Consulting can act as a consultant to parents and their support workers, to enable them to have the information that will allow them to advocate on behalf of their students.
  • Comhnadh Consulting offers experience in all areas of education, with particular emphasis in Special Education, program reviews, home schooling, First Nations education, and issue resolution.
  • Comhnadh Consulting can offer direct participation and advocacy services at case conferences, IPRC's, program reviews and other educational meetings.
  • Comhnadh Consulting offers service such as:
    • Training in Special Education
    • Preparation for IPRCs
    • Resolution of right to attend issues
    • Mediation services
    • Independent program reviews
    • Management & support of home schooling
    • Resolution of placement & service issues
    • Access to pertinent legislation & funding information
Comhnadh Consulting offers a variety of workshops and seminars aimed at people such as educational assistants, social workers, group home operators, foster parents, parents and family support workers. The purpose of these training sessions is to provide them with information about the education system and legislation which will enable them to successfully advocate for their clients. The Presenter is Lindsay Moir, unless other-wise noted.

Calendar of upcoming workshops and events
Check and see if Lindsay Moir will be speaking in your area soon.

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