Navy League Pirate Page:

"Aaarh me hearties! .....Lend a hand and we'll get under way!"

Tips, Thoughts and Links to Pirate Lore, Treasure and Adventure!

Maybe you find the thought of pirates and buccaneers exciting or interesting! I know that I do. Pirates of old roamed the Carribean hundreds of years ago in sailing ships and sought gold and treasure.

There are many famous names including Blackbeard amd Captain Morgan...and yes, there were famous women pirates too!

If you want to learn more about Pirates try some of the following ideas or links.

Rent some videos:
There are plenty of pirate ship movies that were made in the 50's and 60's in technicolor...and they are still good. My favorite comedy is "Abbott and Costello Meet Captain Kidd". Another is Robin Williams as Peter Pan. Here's a link to read a chapter about pirates from the original book about Peter Pan and Wendy!

Try a Pirate life on the Web:
This Advenure Page will let you play an entire role-playing pirate game!

Check out Links to Pirates:
The Buccaneer Trading Company has lots of pirate information.

And another link to pirates from New Zealand!

"You know, we
Navy League Cadets
are PRETTY sharp

"That's right,
we've been
watching all day...
and not one Pirate!"

Plan a Pirate Party

"The skull and crossbones flag or Jolly Roger"

My Corps (NLCC Glorious) is planning a Halloween night with all the Cadets and Officers in full Pirate gear! You may wish to try this too.

Pirate stuff is easy to find! Some suggestions for clothing are:

Pirate Games: and some sample rules.

What kind of Pirate get-together would it be if there weren't treasure for the finding and winning?

Some possibilities, games and competition for the various crews formed will be:

Download a Free Demo Pirate Game:

There is an excellent Pirate game on CD-ROM for the PC by Fisher-Price and you can get a free copy of part. This DEMO game lets you make a pirate ship inside a bottle. Download the .EXE file and then run while in WINDOWS 3.1 or WINDOWS '95. Check with your parents if your'e not sure what to do! OK?

That's all for now. Good luck you Privateers, young and younger...and good sailing

Lt. (NL) Larry Richardson
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