Pirate Games:

The objective is to complete a treasure hunt (for Halloween candy), gaining pieces of a map at each of the game positions. Cut your map into the number of pieces that match the number of games or events that you are planning, so each event will result in part of a map.

Treasure will be Halloween candies, treats, etc. to be scattered among the crew(s). Each "pirate" should have a treasure bag in which to stow loot.


Form the entire group into "tallest on the right, shortest on the left - in 1 rank size". Start from the smaller end and start making up teams of 5 (adjust scores for bigger/smaller teams at end). This will ensure a variety of sizes on teams. Assign each team a name (such as "Ship Rats" and "Salty Dogs", etc.) for cheering purposes.

Give each team a colored piece of a map at start so that all teams start in different places and then go to the next event in a varied order. They may wait and watch others competing, if necessary. Each map piece can have a treasure location clue to be figured out, these locations either scattered about the building or in one place watched over so that each team that figures it out may get something.

Many events are timed. At the end of the games, the top 3 scores overall get bonus tickets for goodies. (3, 2 and 1 tickets given). In addition bonus tickets are presented to the best time in each timed event.

Times are hard to estimate so Officers against Cadets could be a filler at end!


One Crew at a time Games:

 Haunted Treasure Cave:

Have a dark set of classrooms set up as a haunted ship or cave. Exhibits can be set up as monkey brains, pirate eyeballs, ships-surgeon’s table bits, etc. Jello, grapes, peanut butter and so on are great, but remember paper towels, etc. Screams and sounds whatever complete the scene.

 Teams get treasure map and 1 bonus ticket for going through … no times taken.


Walk-the-Plank: (Timed)

Have a plank resting either on the ground or 1 to 2 inches above. Teams of 4 to 5 must each walk over the plank. Time is kept. If a member falls off and steps on a shark picture (scattered around the plank) 10 secs. are added to the time. Player must start again. Other people or players should be positioned on each side of plank to prevent falling.

(Blindfolds are a possibility).

 Winners are scored 1,2,3,etc. based upon position in speed of crossing. The top score of this event gets a bonus ticket.


Fire the Cannon: (Timed)

 3 ship images, each about 3 ft. high are placed about 10 to15 feet away like bowling pins. The team can organize themselves in any way they wish. 2 to fire cannon, 3 to fetch cannon balls and reload cannon, etc. Time is kept, all the targets must be hit and knocked down 3 times.

 Winners are scored 1,2,3,etc. based upon position in speed of firing. The top score of this event gets a bonus ticket.


Message Bottle Dunk: (Timed)

 Inside small floating bottles are parts of your treasure map. The entire crew gathers around a tub of water and dunks for bottles. Time the event. Use 10 small LCBO bottles (labels removed) and have plenty of towels available!


Treasure in the Sand: (Timed)

 Thirty items (Pennies, coins, baubles, fake jewels, etc.) are scattered in a large sand box. The teams try to find all the treasure as quickly as possible. Times are recorded.

 Time is recorded and tickets are given for 1, 2 and 3 finishes at end of evening. Any team that finds all thirty within a minute )or whatever time works) gets a bonus prize ticket!

Tickets are then counted for each team and treasure distributed.


Two (2) Crew Games:

Wipe out Enemy Ship:

Tape off two ships about 10 to 15 ft. apart. The ship should be able to hold 5 people or more. At a signal each of the two ship crews fires soft NERF balls at the other.

Teams must catch the ball fired at them.... if they miss or a ball touches them, they are instantly "out-of-action" and must go to the sides. Out-of-action players MAY NOT catch and pass balls to rest of team. Balls can be retrieved by live crew members who must either pass the balls to people inside the ship or enter the ship itself to shoot. Crew may be permanently positioned outside if desired. Everything goes except you may not go behind another ship to retrieve a ball. Balls in the middle are fair game.

If a ball is caught it may be fired back right away, or given to someone else or held so that a "salvo" may be fired. Explain to crews the rules and have them quickly plan a strategy; i.e.. holding shots to be fired all at once. 

For extra excitement have the officers man a ship during event or at vening end! Bonus ticket for wiping out the officers!

The winner of contest between 2 crews gets a bonus ticket..


Pirates and Tars:

In this game teams act as either the Queen’s Naviee (TARS) or (PIRATES) by flipping a coin HEADS for TARS and TAILS for PIRATES. Each crew stands about 7 ft. apart. Tape a line behind each team about 25 ft. away.

When a coin is flipped heads the flipper yells "TARS" and the TARS run after the PIRATES who try to escape behind their line. (If tails the reverse). If a TAR touches a PIRATE, that PIRATE must become a TAR for the next toss and stand in a position (ANYWHERE between lines) marked by the TARS with their arms outstretched. If on the next turn the coin is HEADS again the TARS chase the PIRATES who cannot touch or be touched by the captured PIRATES (if they do they are TARS for next toss).

If next toss is tails the reverse happens. Yell "PIRATES" and the PIRATES may both touch and free PIRATES (who must immediately go to their own line for the next turn) and/or turn and chase and capture TARS.

Players NOT freed remain the type they have become until freed or game ends.


The team that captures all the others is the winner.

One ticket bonus awarded.


 Wrapping Up:

 At end of evening all teams receive a treasure hoard (bag or chest) equally among all. Extra booty is distributed based on the number of bonus tickets brought forward, 1 team at a time. Be sure treasure can be distributed evening among each team and teams…no squabbling or bonus returned to the pot!

 The Captain-General of PIRATES (the CO) may award a special bonus to any team.

 Determine in advance the number of teams and events and thereby the number of bonus tickets and prizes to be distributed.


 Using Treasure Map:

 Find a number of different spots to "hide" treasure … clues can added such as NORTH, AFT, near the binnacle, where the messenger stands, etc., throughout the building. When a team has visited all the events they can then determine where treasure lies for their team. Treasure spots can be different or the same.



We made up a "cannon" of 2 cardboard tubes, within sides of plywood, powered by surgical tubing, to fire large balls sprayed black. Use soft balls for throwing; tennis balls too painful!

Lt. (NL) Larry Richardson, NLCC Glorious, London, ON.