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The Sports Page
Coaching Tips: No. 1

by Allan Langvee

Owners Allan Langvee and Rick Dietl know what today’s coaches are looking for because they themselves have first-hand experience in this area. They know the time and frustration that goes along with searching out and purchasing coaching supplies. Now, they’ve done something to make the job of coaching easier. Hence, the establishment of Coach Depot.

The aim of Coach Depot is to offer the best in supplies and equipment to coaches. There is no need to spend days searching for product because they offer true one-stop shopping with competitive pricing on the best products available on the market today.

The company caters to a variety of sports such as hockey, soccer, basketball, football and more. Some of their feature products include the Fox40 Pro Coaches Folder, Fox40 whistles, fanny pack trainers kit, pucks and soccer balls.

Simply visit Coach Depot on–line at, type in your order and they will be in touch with you as soon as possible to arrange payment and delivery.


Our newly designed Coaches Folder is perfect to keep any coach organized. It is a two-sided flex board with a rewritable surface board to mark out the play strategy. It also features multiple pockets for papers, the pocket coaches board, a dry-erase marker looped inside and an individual pocket for your coaching card. The boards are available to suit each particular sport.

The advantage of using a board like this is that most of us in coaching arrive at each game with multiple documents and items for the big game! Our coaching certification card may be required at certain times, especially at tournaments, and this board has a spot for that. As coaches, we also prepare roster sheets and game sheets and even file our previous match-up sheets for reference. All of these items can be stored in the left side of the board while the right side dry-erase board is essential for pointing out that key play while the game is on! I know you’ll enjoy using this board.


From the inventors of the Fox 40 whistle - the whistle of choice for the NBA, NFL, CFL, FINA and FIBA comes an assortment of products to prepare any coach for the game ahead. Fox 40 is always on the innovative edge introducing new and exciting products. For example, the CMG referee whistle comes in a variety of models featuring a cushioned mouth grip which enhances the original Fox 40 Classic.