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The Sports Page
Coaching Tips: No. 2

by Allan Langvee

There are many ways to keeping hockey skills sharp over the summer months aside from courses, summer leagues and skill camps. Other sports like soccer, lacrosse or inline hockey provide new challenges to the kids while developing and maintaining the certain skill sets that apply to hockey. It also provides the individual with an alternate experience with another sport, while keeping them fit and excited about the next on-ice season.

Some off-ice practice can also help one get ready for the next hockey season and can be done in a driveway or in a garage once a day or a few times a week. Try putting two pylons on the floor and with a stick, move a golf ball in a figure eight around the pylons. Once you master it, try it with your head up. Dad’s give it a try and turn it into a daily competition with your kids to see who can go longer!

Another important skill that never gets enough time during on-ice practice is the shot! Our Holmestop product is great to set in front of the garage door and with a Viceroy shooting sheet, have the kids fire off 50 pucks a day. You will see a difference by practicing the basics and if you turn it into a fun and interactive activity or competition, you will all enjoy it as well!


The soccer season is under way at Coach Depot. New and exciting products are featured to prepare the coach and team for intense practice sessions as well as the adrenaline rushing games.

A favourite for the coach is the Fox 40 CMG classic whistle with a break away lanyard which is available in an assortment of colours. It is Fox 40 quality and technology with an added feature of the cushioned mouth grip (CMG) for extra comfort.

Also, some perfect accessories for the players to master their techniques are the Brine Skillmaster Plus and the Brine Premiere soccer ball.

All products in the Coach Depot line-up are available for one-stop on-line shopping by visiting


The Pro Coaches clipboard is a sturdy plastic coaching aid, which features a full field on one side and half field on the other. It is equipped with a strong metal clamp to keep your papers in order while still providing you with the option of marking out a quick strategy change with the dry-erase marker on the board itself.