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The Sports Page
Coaching Tips: No. 3

Skill Training Tools
by Allan Langvee

There are several new products on the market which help with the development of techniques and skill sets in various sports. Through CoachDepot I have had the opportunity to meet with several developers of these new products and have added many of them to our line-up of coaching tools.

“Heads up Hockey” has developed three products that benefit players in various ways. Their SOFTHANDS product helps in learning the function of both hands on the stick. PUCKHANDLER is designed to teach kids to play with their heads up by hiding the puck from the players view. The CHECKMATE product is designed to teach proper body checking techniques.

The POWER SHOT product has also been recently added to the CoachDepot line and has been recently endorsed by the Canadian Hockey Association. This simple weight attaches to the stick with velcro straps and helps improve shooting skills and wrist strength.

Check out the SKILLMASTER product for soccer. This training tool contains over 10 skill-sharpening exercises from basic to advanced levels. Practice dribbling, heading and a lot more with easy to follow instructions.

Skill training tools add variation to a coach’s approach to teaching basic skills and we all know that basic skills are essential to putting all the pieces together in building strong and successful teams.

Coach Depot's HolmeStop BackStop
Gets A New Look

Our HolmeStop line has just received an update. Our new and improved version not only has a fantastic design, but a great new price too! Creator of the original HolmeStop, Dr. John Holmes has made the newest edition to the line easier to assemble and disassemble, as well as more light weight and compact for storage. Everything that you need fits neatly into a small sack. The price for the new version is just $99.99. A great deal!

Introduction of the New Fox 40 Pro Coaches Box Lacrosse Clipboard

Introducing the new addition to the Fox 40 line of products. The Pro Coaches Box Lacrosse clipboard is a must for any box lacrosse coach. Whether the coach wants to mark out a play strategy on the full or half field layout, this board has it covered. For a quick change the dry erase marker feature is excellent. Also, it keeps any data sheets strongly clipped to the board for easy access..