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The Sports Page
Coaching Tips: No. 4

Game Statistics Made Easy
by Allan Langvee

A coach is always in search of that magic piece of information that gives him/her
more insight into the way their team is doing. I know that when that final buzzer sounds after a hockey game the first thing I try to do is sum up the game in my
mind. This is not always easy as there are so many factors that can be considered.

One tool that may help is the Shot Clock™. The Shot Clock™ is an easy to use, hand held device that accumulates an entire season of Goaltending Statistics. Going to the dressing room
equipped with the stats of the game can help in the post game meeting with the team.

Shots, Goals, (for Home and Visitors) Wins, Losses, Ties, Shutouts, Save Percentages and Goals Against Averages are all displayed at the touch of a button. Stats for the entire year can be stored and reviewed on a game-by-game basis. It even tracks two home team goalies on the fly if you change up in the middle of a game!

The Shot-Clock™ is perfect for all goaltenders. No matter what the sport, Hockey, Lacrosse or Soccer, its now easy to keep track and compare the performance for the most important position in the game.

Hit A Home Run This Baseball Season

The baseball season is in full swing. Baseball coaches can hit a home run with a Fox 40 Pro Coaches Folder on hand. Keep the line-up and all statistics neatly organized in this multipocket folder that includes a dry erase board of the field. A great feature for positioning players and adjusting team stategies quickly. Visit Coach Depot on-line or give us a call and we will provide you with the best coaching tools available to work towards a winning season on the diamond.

Favourites From The Fox 40 Line

One of the top sellers in the Fox 40 line of products is the Fox 40 CMG Classic with a break away lanyard. Whether you are using the whistle for safety or sport, it is a popular choice. There is a rainbow of 11 colours to choose from. The “CMG” cushioned mouth grip is an added comfort feature to the ever-popular Fox 40 Classic. The break away lanyard around your neck provides you with a quick access to your whistle. No need to fumble or search when you don’t have a second to spare. No coach or outdoor enthusiast should be without one.