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Coaching Tips: No. 5

A ROOTS/FOX40 Coaching Apparel Line

Roots Canada is excited to be partnering with Fox40 in developing a new and unique Coaching Apparel Line., an online coaching supplies retailer, will be taking the product to market in the North American market.

Established in Toronto in 1973, Roots has evolved into an internationally recognized brand. Starting as a single store with a single product, Roots now has over 140 stores in Canada and around the world, 2 state-of-the-art production facilities in Ontario and employs over 2000 people globally. Roots is now the largest Canadian company which combines manufacturing and retailing of both leather and fabric products.

Founders Don Green and Michael Budman have led the extraordinary growth of Roots, creating a company that reflects the values of health, motivation and teamwork. The Roots style is all encompassing, but grounded in the motto QUALITY, INTEGRITY, AND LONGEVITY. The ever expanding product range includes the best quality leather shoes, bags, and luggage, Roots Athletics, a sophisticated Roots Continental line for men and women, a full range of Roots Baby and Roots Kids Clothing, Roots Uniscent personal care line, Roots Time watches, Roots Vision eye-care, Roots Jerseys bedding and the Roots Coach House Collection of leather furniture. In addition to these regular lines of Roots products, Roots is proud to be the official supplier for past and future Canadian Olympic Teams.

Roots factories are fully integrated, including art and design departments and a complete facility for embroidery and chenille cresting. All of this provides maximum flexibility and enables us to fabricate products with the shortest lead time.

Fox 40 Pea-Less patented whistles invented in 1987 by Ron Foxcroft, President & CEO of Fox 40 International Inc. After 15 years of developing the design, the exclusive manufacturing techniques, a mechanically bonded packaging to ensure 100% recyclability and world markets including distribution in 135 countries, the Fox 40Æ pea-less whistle is used worldwide and by almost every sports organization including the NFL, NCAA, NBA, CFL, FIBA and FIFA. Fox 40 International Inc. succeeded to fully integrate markets including, promotional, sporting goods, marine, water, personal safety and disaster management. The fault free designed whistles will never stick, or fail; this established reputation in the industry allows all of the Canadian made products the Foxcroft family seal of approval. Recognized, world wide by their newly awarded design patent. Continued leaders in innovative high quality merchandise which reflects our mission to satisfy the ever-changing needs of the consumer.

This new coaching apparel line has been customized in detail and with the logo’s of these two aforementioned successful Canadian brands. These goods can be further customized with association colors, logo’s or other identity markings as desired to create a truly unique and inspiring product to the sports team coach. All jackets and tops will ship with a Fox40 CMG whistle and a pocket coaching board.

The line will be distributed by Coach Depot Inc. through their online e-commerce site ( which promotes equipment, accessories and apparel to coaches in a variety of sports. A one-stop source for coaching supplies based out of Burlington, Ontario.

Roots Canada looks forward to joining Fox 40 in this effort to bring a renewed and exciting look to sporting associations across North America. Visit to find out more about this line-up of coaching apparel products.