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The Sports Page
Coaching Tips: No. 6

Trainers Kit
by Allan Langvee

The trainer is now an integral part of any teams bench staff. Our trainers are constantly on the move up and down the bench if the players require first aid attention or equipment adjust-ment. Last season we looked at several first aid products and found that most required the Trainer to have to carry a large bag or case to the player either on the ice or along the already crowded bench. We then sat down with some medical experts and put together a line-up of items that would be required for most sports related situations and packaged them into a “fanny-pack”. The solution has proven to be a very convenient one as the trainer always has their kit with them in any situation. At $39.95 I think we have a very efficient and affordable solution for this important individual on any team!

Dry-land Traning

We are well into the new hockey season and COACHdepot has put together a great line-up of products for dry-land training. Our HolmeStop Backstop is an all-weather mesh that is designed to mount easily to your garage door. It is not only a great product for skill development, but also for preventing damage to your garage door. It features an awesome life-size goalie printed on the mesh for a realistic target to practice your shot against.

In addition, to our HolmeStop Backstop we offer the Viceroy Pro Practice Ice Sheets. They are lightweight and have a surface much like that of ice. Great for practicing your puck handling and shooting.

Another product in our line of dry-land training system is the Power Shot. It is a weight with a Velcro strap that is designed to improve wrist strength. It is available in three different sizes - 10, 12 and 14 ounce.

All three combined make a great system for the hockey player regardless of age or skill level. Visit us at or call us toll free at 1-866-229-2242 with any questions.

Fox 40

Our feature products at COACHdepot this month are the Fox 40 Glove Grip whistle and the Fox 40 CMG Glove Grip whistle. The regular Glove Grip whistle is a Fox 40 FORCE metal whistle that attaches to your glove with a Velcro strap. A wonderful product for the coach since it eliminates the need to remove the glove to blow the whistle. The CMG Glove Grip whistle is a variation of the regular Glove Grip with the added feature of a cushioned mouth grip for comfort.