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The Sports Page
Coaching Tips: No. 9

Coaches Recognition

As the hockey season draws to a close, it is always a mad rush to get prepared for the next sport or activity, but don’t forget the men and women who helped get your kids through this season. Pass the hat around and think about something that a coach, assistant coach and trainer would appreciate getting to reward them for all that hard work. Don’t forget that every coach in minor sports is a volunteer and does his or her best to make your child’s sporting experience a valued one. In fact most coaches invest time and money in their certification courses and equipment.

Don’t forget to thank and reward your hard working volunteers, where would we be without them!

Quick Relief First Aid Products by Biolife

New on the market and just added to the Coach Depot product line. A selection of products called Quick Relief First Aid. Endorsed by Health Canada. SportsQR is a product designed to stop bleeding instantly. Perfect for minor external wounds, lacerations and abrasions that
can happen while you are playing your favourite game.

The package includes 32 single use dispensers plus one FirstAidQR antiseptic and anesthetic spray.

UrgentQR is perfect for minor external wounds, lacerations, avulsions, punctures, skin tears and abrasions that can happen anytime and anywhere. Package includes 4 single use dispensers. Finally, NosebleedQR is specially designed to stop a nosebleed instantly and protects the wound from
infection, irritation and contamination. A selection of products to meet your minor injury needs

Signature Mouth guards from Fox 40

Coach Depot is excited to introduce Fox 40 Signature mouth guards to our line-up of products. They are available in 3 types, junior and senior sizes, and have been designed by dentists. They have a unique anatomic shape that is comfortable and fits securely. It features exclusive front and side impact shields as well as occlusal Impact Strip.

Type 1 is a basic mouth guard that is also designed for use with orthodontic bands.

Type 2 is a specialized mouth guard for all mouth types. It includes a special impact strip to increase lower jaw protection and is available in blue, green or black, with a strap.

Type 3 is a specialized mouth guard for a custom fit. It features a unique PRO PLUS
GEL that provides an incredible custom fit at a fraction of the cost of a dental custom
molded product.