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Coaching Tips: No. 11

How Fox40 Helps in the Area of Coaching

From the inventors of the Fox 40 whistle - the whistle of choice for the NBA, NFL, CFL, FINA and FIBA comes an assortment of products to prepare any coach for the game ahead. Fox 40 is always on the innovative edge introducing new and exciting products. For example, the CMG referee whistle comes in a variety of models featuring a cushioned mouth grip which enhances the original Fox 40 Classic.

The Fox40 Pro Coaches Box Lacrosse Clipboard

Introducing the new addition to the Fox 40 line of products. The Pro Coaches Box Lacrosse clipboard is a must for any box lacrosse coach. Whether the coach wants to mark out a play strategy on the full or half field layout, this board has it covered. For a quick change the dry erase marker feature is excellent. Also, it keeps any data sheets strongly clipped to the board for easy access..

Fox40 Pro Coaches Clipboards & Wallboards

The Pro Coaches clipboards are a sturdy plastic coaching aid, which features a full field on one side and half field on the other. It is equipped with a strong metal clamp to keep your papers in order while still providing you with the option of marking out a quick strategy change with the dry-erase marker on the board itself.

The wallboards are specially designed to allow for comprehensive play making on a large dry-erase surface. Perfect for in the change room or on the field or in the rink.

Fox 40 Glove Grip Whistle

The regular Glove Grip whistle is a Fox 40 FORCE metal whistle that wraps around your hockey glove with a Velcro strap. A wonderful product for the coach since it eliminates the need to remove the glove to blow the whistle. The CMG Glove Grip whistle is a variation of the regular Glove Grip with the added feature of a cushioned mouth grip for comfort.