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Coaching Tips: No. 13

Introducing The Next Innovation In Goaltending

The next stage of goaltending is here, thanks to the invention of The Grip Goalie Stick. No longer do goalies have to bend their wrists awkwardly in order to keep the blade of the stick on the ice. The Grip Stick’s new curve allows for ergonomic handling of the stick which instantly improves speed, accuracy and mobility. Every goalie, whether just starting out or old-time veteran should make the switch to this new product. It will change the way you play the game.

Advantage 1 Advantage 2 Advantage 3 Advantage 4 Advantage 5
When paddle down,
stick lays flat on ice.
Blocker turns to side to
keep both ends of stick
on ice.
Relaxed comfortable
position of wrist
playing. For young
players, wrist does not
get tired.
Good stick position
when making low shot
Keeps stick in position
between legs when in
proper stance.
Blocker turns to side,
to keep both sides of
the stick on ice.

Will The Grip Stick affect my poke checking? No. The way the corners are rounded when
you loosen your hand grip your hand will slide up and come back as easily as any other stick does.

Will The Grip Stick change my shooting ability? In testing with a number of goaltenders of
various abilities from Jr. “A” to Pro each goaltender has said his shooting is as good or better after only one practice with The Grip Stick.

What is the purpose of The Grip Stick? The Grip Stick was designed to complement the paddle down style of goaltending and allow the goaltender to move through his full range of movements while keeping full control of the stick and maintaining a comfortable position.

My wrist hurts will The Grip Stick help? If you are straining your wrist because of the steep angle of a regular goalie stick then The Grip Stick may help to reduce wrist pain.