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The Sports Page

Letter to the Editor

Dear Glenn:

Just thought I'd drop you a note. I read your article in the Sports page while having lunch in a restaurant in Hamilton. I got a kick out of your story on wrestling. Not that I'm a wrestling fan but when I was a kid I'd say everyone was. I did not know that Illio Dipolo had been killed in a car accident. I often wonder what happened to the characters of wrestling back then. Bulldog Brower, Hans Schmidt, Yukon Eric, Little Beaver, Bobo Brazil etc. The list seemed endless. I can remember they would make the circuit in our area, even in Delhi. I can even remember getting the Beast autograph. Whipper Billy Watson, long since passed, was a true gentleman. Billy Red Lyons was another great name.

Haven't watched this type of entertainment in years, but its hard to believe that TSN dictates their sports schedule around Monday night wrestling. What they call wrestling is an embarrassment to society but I guess I'm in the small minority.

Anyway I enjoyed your story.

John Smit
Delhi, Ontario