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Fort Coulonge Chute Information.

From Hwy. 148 at Mansfield, follow blue tourist signs. Address : C.P.914, Fort Coulonge,Québec, Canada JOX 1VO

The logging history of Pontiac County is a colorful one, forever preserved and passed on through a myriad of legends and characters. While transporting squared pine timber down the 241km Coulonge River in 1835, lumber baron George Bryson came upon La Grande Chute -- a 48m waterfall cascading through a narrow 750m-long rock-walled canyon. To bypass this natural obstacle, Bryson built a 915m log slide -- a water-filled chute which carried the valuable squared timber to calmer waters.

* Today this carefully restored and protected site pays tribute to two centuries of log driving in the Pontiac. Join us for a day of fascinating history and breath-taking scenery surrounded by the remarkable sights and sounds of white water roaring through a canyon of prehistoric rock.
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If you're a loner, it's not necessary to be part of the small tour group. You can pick up a self-tour book, with a detailed directional map, and make your own way along the wooden walk way. You might miss some fascinating stories about early life and legends of the Pontiac, but there's always the 15-minute video back at the chalet and while you're in the area, you might want to drop in on George Bryson Sr's. original home, so beautifully maintained since 1854. He was, to put it mildly, well-heeled. And just a few short kilometers away is the Marchand Bridge, which connected Fort Coulonge with the lumber forest sites. This second-longest covered bridge in Quebec, at 129 meters, was built of white pine in 1898. Needless to say, a few planks have been replaced since then.

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