Pictures' of the Court House/Jail in Campbell's Bay,
Qué. Pontiac County.

The Court House built in 1925-27

Those pictures' weir taken before the destruction of the Jail section on August 31, 1990. As you can see, the prison and the yard was attach to the rear of the Courthouse. It was historical and should have been conserve at the time. This part was in sound condition and could have stayed there for hundreds' of years to come. Down the basement of the prison part, they had what you call black holes (solitary confinement cells). If you look at the picture beneath, you can see those white dots at the lowest part, well that was the ventilation and only natural light coming in for those solitary confinement cells or what I call «black hole» .

Inside the prison yard.
Inside the prison yard also, same date as above.

During the demolition. September 5, 1990
Almost all demolish and gone for ever.

Here is a picture that I had took for the fun of it and souvenir . This is the inside of the "CourtHouse" jail part. All you can see in this picture, is a few cells but it will gave you a conception of the leisure. This is one place that you don't want to be lock in. If you thing this was a bad place you should had seen the black holes ( solitary confinement cells ) underneath, it was so dark that I couldn't take a picture "sorry" , those holes wheir tiny, cold and dark.

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