My wife, Marielle and I.

Are Family, Marielle likes' this picture. Jennifer & Jessica, 2006
I have compose the left picture. Jennifer and Jessica Kenney are my two only daughters and on the picture they were infants to.
Tyson (1990) and Camey (1999) are Jennifer's and Yves Graveline's kids and Andrew (1995) is Jessica's. son.

Camey, 2006 Maya, 2006 Tyson, 2006
Marielle & I are very proud of all our Grandchildren's, Camey
Maya and Tyson. They are Jennifer's and Yves Graveline's infants.

Now look at this nice boy (Nathan Kenney) born February 17, 2010, that just change are life one step farther,
this would make Marielle and I, Grate Grate Grand Mother and & Grate Grate Grand Fother.
We all love him and especially is Dad Tyson Kenney and Mom Émilie Dagenais.
PS: We can't forget Grand Mother Jennifer.

Andrew, 2006 Aiden Kenney, 2011 Haylee, 2006
This is Andrew with his new born boy Aiden and his sister Haylee, our Grandchildren's that Marielle & I are very proud of, infants and grandchild of our daughter (Jessica)

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