A brief little map of the Pontiac County.Map of Pontiac (click to enlarge). Foremost attractions for tourists.The painting in the background was painted by a friend of mine John Cullen and are for sale, for info. send me a E-Mail..

Pont Marchand / Red Covered Bridge in Mansfield.
The Marchand (red covered) bridge in Mansfield.
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The Red Covered Bridge / Pont Marchand in Mansfield.
This is one of the foremost attractions for tourists. This bridge was constructed in lest than 3 months in 1898, for the amount of 6000$ by Mr. Augustus Brown. It's over the Coulonge river in Mansfield, it's 423 feet ( 129 meters ) long. May 17, 1998, was the Marchand Bridge (Red Covered Bridge) Centennial Ceremony. It took place at the Marchand Bridge ( Red Covered Bridge ). Wine-cheese was serve and a exhibition of the works of regional artists etc.
 At Hight Water.
The year that we almost lost the Red Covered Bridge with the high water in 1979. It had shifted about 4 feet at midpoint. It was reorganize and re stable not long after. This bridge means a lot to the municipality of Mansfield and it's circumjacent.
The last Log Drive was in 1982.

The memorial stone at the red brige.
I took this picture in 1999.

Coulonge Chute
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George Bryson's House
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