A brief little map of the Pontiac County.
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Pictures' of my family
The Bryson Farm in Mansfield, Pontiac County.
This place is very special to me because my grandfather Mr. Hector Dagenais "right" at about 45 years old, born in 1900, maried to Edna Dubeau, bought this place in 1943 and that's' the house I was born and raise in, at the time it was the most impressive farm around. This house was probably completed in 1854 and constructed by George Bryson Sr.
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George Bryson Sr.,
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 Mr Hector Dagenais.

My Father.
I miss you Dad / we all do.
Our Father ( Simon Kenney ), 1923 - 1994.
They raised a family of 6 boys ( Larry, Denzil, Roger, Philippe, Roy, Bobby and 2 girls ( Léane and Monique).
Our mother ( Adrienne Dagenais ) is doing good.

 Mr Charles Kenney.
1885 - 1966
Grandfather Mr. Charles Kenney ( Kenny ), born in Lugmore, Tallaght, Country Dublin in Ireland on October 2, 1885, ( his father's name was John Kenny and mother Margaret Byrne ). My Grandfather Charles sailed in the Sardinian ship to the port of Quebec, Canada, with 335 other immigrants, at the age of 7 on September 8th, 1892, he was in a orphanage home near Liverpool that was run by Mrs. Lacey and then was probably placed out of Mrs. Brennan's distribution home in Montreal and then end up in Fort Coulonge, Quebec, Pontiac County. He was marry to grandmother, Julianne St-Jean of Fort Coulonge. He did good for himself, started a bakery which he had all is life and give rise to 6 boys and 4 girls. His logo was FORGET- ME- NOT- BREAD as you can see on his old delivery truck.

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Grand Father Charles Kenneys bread truck.

This is are dog Tiny at 9 months' old,
he's a Chihuahua. This picture was taken Christmas 1998.
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