Just a few good old souvenir pictures etc.

Simon's family
Simon Kenney's family.
Always From left to right. Front, Simon (Dad), Adrienne Dagenais (Mom) and Roger. Middle, Léane, Roy, Denzil and Me (Larry).
Back, Monique, Bobby and Philippe.
Larry Kenney Larry Kenney Larry Kenney Denzil Kenney
One of my fishing trip at Deux Rivières, Québec. We had a very good time and the country up there is unbelievable.
The last picture on your right is my brother Denzil, he likes' fishing and you can tell by the smile on his face, he loves' fish and I think sometime he talks' to them...
Larry, Denzil & Roy Kenney Weldon Laroche
From the left to right, this picture was taken' at the Moose Lake (Me, Denzil & Roy) my brothers. The next picture is the time I got my big trophy, that was a nice weekend. Now you see me bird hunting up by McKey Lake
and the last is a good friend of mine, Weldon Laroche on the Terry Fox bridge in Mansfield.
Left to right, those are friends from US that we have been taken' up for the past few years to Laverendry Park and they shuttle down the Coulonge river, the third guy from your left is Red Berenson (Red Baron) famous hockey player. Next is a picture we took on a boat trip, in order left to right: Roy Kenney-Bobby Kenney-Myself & brother-in-law Giles Francoeur. Then on that same boat trip we have from left to right: Joanne Denault- Monique Kenney Francoeur- Joanne Dumoulin & my wife Marielle and the last picture, from there practicing day is Bobby Kenney & brother-in-law Bobby Francoeur.
My sister Monique & Giles Francoeurs' wedding Bobby Francoeur (brother-in-law), Roger Kenney & Larry Denzil Kenney with is old tractor he rebuild The Kenney's family
Left to right, the wedding day of Monique Kenney to Giles Francoeur (1997) on that picture, Giles-Monique our Mother & Myself (served as stepfather) then one at a party and as you can see I'm having a drink that Bobby Francoeur had fix me and I'm sure is not laughing for no reason, on that picture you also see my brother Roger Kenney or Kenney Roger (middle), a old FARMALL tractor that Denzil put back to life. A family picture of Simon Kenney (Dad) & Adrienne Dagenais, Kenney (Mom) in august 1982, from left to right;
Roger-Larry-Monique-Dad-Mom-Philippe-Léane-Denzil-Bobby & Roy .

Mrs Madeleine Leblanc (Teacher)
My Classmates of 1964-65 at the St-John's School in Davidson, Quebec.
Left to Right starting from the back:
Clayton Boisvert, Roger Boucher, Roger Chevalier, Pat Marion, Madeleine Leblanc (teacher), Larry Kenney, Madeleine Hérault, Elaine Marion, Jeanne Boisvert.
Michel Jolin, Gilles Bélair, Darcy Bélair, Fernand Boucher, Gail Mousseau, Jeannine Boucher, Georgette Dyelle.
Armand Chevalier, Marcel Jolin, Guy Hérault, Francis Boisvert, Nicole Beauchamp. Darlene Boisvert, Suzanne Dyelle.
Camille Graveline (father-in-law) & Friends

Left to Right:

Camille Graveline (my father-in-law), Gérard Vaillancourt and Godfrey Bourbonnais
in 1946.

This picture was taken at Godfrey Bourbonnais' General Store
in Fort-Coulonge,QC. Canada.

Camille Graveline (father-in-law) & Friends

Back, Left to Right:

Harry Nadel, Conrad Bélec, Maurice Normand & Simon Maleau
Front, left to right
Roméo Boucher, Camille Graveline & Rhéal Hérault, around 1945-46.

This picture was taken at Harry Nadel's General Store in Fort-Coulonge, QC. Canada.

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