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I have posted pictures on this site of two photographers, Don Winslow, and Chuck Donaldson. I have selected their works not only because each shoots photos of the railroads and countryside that I have modeled on my layout, but also because of the fine quality of their photographs. For more information about the photographers, please go to the Links section of my web site.

These pages were updated in September 2002. To view each photo, simply click on the thumbnail.

The following photographs are samples from Don Winslow's photography. Don's site features photos of two of my favourite railroads, Union Pacific and Santa Fe. His main venue for taking pictures is Cajon Pass. In addition to current day diesel locomotives, Don also features photos of many steam locomotives. On his web site, Don has provided a list of the equipment he uses to capture these images. For the camera buff, there is also a detailed description of how photos are digitally processed for print and web presentations. Don's photographic work and digital enhancement skills are superb and definitely worth a quick trip for both the rail fan and model railroader!

Chuck Donaldson is another fine photographer who, as it happens also takes excellent photographs of my favourite railroads. In addition to Denver and Rio Grande and Union Pacific, you will find Southern Pacific and Western Pacific well represented, to name just a few. Chuck has travelled extensively throughout the Southwest and his work features many interesting photographs for those that like the spectacular scenery of this interesting region.

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