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MTH Big Boy
This is the Rail King model of the famous Union Pacific 4-8-8-4 Big Boy and it is a real beast. The model is die cast and weighs a ton. In addition to it's inherent good looks, the Big Boy has terrific traction and can pull quite a lengthy freight consist.

Lionel F3
This is the A unit of this esteemed Lionel product. Lionel has been producing the F3 since the 1950's! Not quite scale sized, the Lionel F3 is beginning to show the age of it's tooling. More recent O gauge models of F units by K Line and MTH have surpassed this model in detail and scale accuracy.

MTH Galloping Goose
This is the first time that the Goose has been produced in O gauge. MTH has done a nice job with this reasonably priced model. On the Erehwon and Saguaro Railroad, the Goose can frequently be seen travelling along the rails, usually delivering mail to some of the more remote stops.

MTH Ten Wheeler
This is another nice replica by MTH. This is a Rail King model of a 19th century steamer. Equipped with Protosounds, it delivers some very interesting sound effects. This steamer really smokes. Have a look at the size of the smoke stack. It is guaranteed to set off your basement smoke detector!

Lionel SD50
This is a handsome engine from Lionel. The purchase of this locomotive led to the development of the theme of the Erehwon and Saguaro Railroad. Lionel is now producing diesel power with offer considerably more detail than this earlier issue.

Here we have another Rail King semi-scale model. I tend to prefer Rail King models to the more expensive Premier editions from MTH. The level of detail on the Rail King locomotives is exceptional for the price paid and the locomotives are able to navigate much tighter radius curves. MTH now produces a terrific line of passenger cars for this line of engines.

I have the A-B-A set of this handsome locomotive in the ATSF Warbonnet livery, which is arguably the most famous paint scheme ever produced. In addition to this model, I also have the Denver and Rio Grande PA, also in a A-B-A configuration.

Lionel RS3
This is the companion to the Lionel SD 50. The RS3 is a nice little yard switcher that can be seen hard at work on the Erehwon and Saguaro.

MTH DC3 Inspection Car
This is a Union Pacific oddity. The DC3 Inspection Car is an MTH Premier model. It crawls about the layout inspecting the track and turnouts to ensure that nothing is out of order. This would be a great model in which to insert a small video camera in the front to watch it perform its maintenance tasks along the right of way.

MTH Coal Turbine #80
This is the Premier model of the MTH Coal Turbine produced a couple of years ago. It is truly a monster, as were most of the Union Pacific turbines. This MTH model is so large that I had to take three separate photos in order to do justice to the locomotive. For this behemoth, only minimum 072 radius curves will suffice. It proudly rolls along the new Canyon Route on the E and S.

MTH Challenger
This is the recent PS2 offering of the Rail King Challenger by MTH. A nice model, but perhaps a tad too compressed. A more comprehensive review can be found in the News and Views section of my web site.

This is a Rail King model and as such is slightly smaller than scale. MTH has done a nice job in compressing this model. The detail work is quite nice. It can be found usually with a coal drag making its way along the layout.

This is a Premier model and is therefore a full scale model of the prototype. I have reviewed of this model in the News & Views section of the website.

MTH Propane Turbine
This is also a full scale model from MTH. Although not as massive as the Coal Turbine (see above), this model makes an impression at is travels about the layout. It requires 072 curves. It was another Union Pacific experiment which did not see roster duty. Yes, the propane tank was just as bright as the one on this model. It was painted aluminum to reflect the desert sun and heat.

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