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Recent developments on the 'Erehwon and Saguaro Railroad'
November 2003

My layout is currently undergoing some extensive renovations, to say the least. Following the 2003 NMRA Convention, the existing layout scenery was removed. The original benchwork has since been altered and expanded to address new ideas. Only the mountain range behind the town of Erehwon and Grandiose Canyon were left mostly intact. It was time for a new approach and one that would incorporate wider radius curves to allow the running of full scale 1:48 locomotives and rolling stock.

What will the new setup include?
  1. Mimimum radius curves of 080.
  2. One lengthy track navigating around the perimeter of the room. This will have the widest curves and longest consists.
  3. A classification yard.
  4. A large locomotive servicing facility.
  5. The Cold Creek Logging Company will make an appearance. This will be a separate On30 layout, but is intended to interlace in conjuction with the Erehwon and Saguaro Railroad.
  6. An extensive oil refinery.
  7. One main line (a folded dog bone and a branch line to service various industries.
  8. A large cityscape
  9. A mining facility.
  10. MTH's Digital Command System.
Here a few photos of the work in progress:

Tanya At Work

This is my 9 year old daughter Tanya hard at work. She is cleaning up the area that was formerly the Erehwon and Saguaro yard.

David At Work

Here is 12 year old David fastening the table top.

Backdrop Painting

This is a family friend, Les, who happens to be a renowned artist. Les "offered" to paint a few clouds on the backdrop for me.

The children help out?

Rather than destroying a perfectly fine mountain, I decided to work inside this mountain to rearrange some track work. My helpers couldn't resist this opportuniy for a few antics.
In light of some of the mistakes I have made, I advise anyone when designing an O Gauge layout to follow these few simple design tips:
  • Design your track plan to accommodate the largest radius curves possible, regardless of the size of the locomotives you are planning to run at this time. Whether you ever run full-scale locomotives is secondary to this concept, as even semi-scale locomotives look better on wider curves.
  • Use a colour coding schematic when wiring the layout as it will subsequently be much simpler to make changes or locate problems should the need arise.
  • Make sure that you have provided for adequate access to difficult-to-reach areas of the layout. It is no fun at all crawling over the top of the layout to fix or remove something (unless, of course, you enjoy acrobatics!)
  • Since you will be spending a lot of time underneath the bench work doing wiring and/or troubleshooting, it would be prudent to build your layout at least 40 to 48 off the floor. A higher layout also affords a much better view.
  • Read lots of books. Start by reading the few books I have mentioned in the News section of my homepage. Definitely join the O Gauge Forum at http://www.ogaugerr.com/
  • Most of all, have fun! But beware! O Gauge railroading can be quite habit forming!

Larry LaJambe

Copyright Larry Lajambe 2001
Email: larry.lajambe@sympatico.ca
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