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BankRec Worksheet Information 

The Bank Reconciliation Worksheet (BankRec) is an Excel-based template for monthly reconciliation of the conference bookkeeping balance to the conference bank statement. Monthly bank reconciliation is recommended for all conferences and particular councils in the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul under Toronto Central Council and is required for the annual financial statement process.

What does the template do?
 The BankRec template provides a record of the treasurer's monthly bank reconciliation review
  •  posting of conference bookkeeping balance and bank balance
  •  posting of bank balance adjustment items
       (revenue and expense transactions not yet listed on the bank statement   . . .up to 10 adjustment postings per month)
  •  computation of unreconciled balance amounts / confirmation of balance reconciliation 

What are the computer requirements?
Any Windows PC with Microsoft Excel 2000 or higher, or Mac PC with Excel 2004 or higher can run BankRec. The spreadsheet has no passwords and requires no macro enablement.

Do CAMS or TRS users need BankRec?
An equivalent worksheet is built into CAMS.  TRS users and those who use other systems can avail of BankRec.

BankRec Worksheet sample