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The Excel-based systems CAMS (Conference Accounting Management System) and PCAMS (Particular Council Accounting Management System) are very similar in design, with the following differences:
  1. PCAMS has two supplementary analysis sheets which tally council revenues and expenditures involving its reporting conferences. 
  2. Since councils typically do not have a significant donor group PCAMS does not support Donor name and address list Import / Export  
  3. PCAMS has an optional feature that allows for tracking the balance of two bank accounts (typically a chequing account and a savings-type account).
  4. CAMS supports transactions for cash-equivalent assets such as purchase of gift cards / prepaid vouchers
  5. Classification of Revenues and Expenditures. The allowed classification of Revenues and Expenditures in PCAMS reflects the differences in revenue sources and expenditure types involved at the particular council level. This affects the classification columns of the Revenues and Expenditures worksheets, with corresponding impact on the structure / format of the monthly Book Balances worksheet and the Annual Financial Statement as required by CRA.
                     The detail system of accounts for CAMS and PCAMS are as follows:
(4800) Advertising & Fund Raising (4800) Advertising & Fund Raising
(4810) Travel Expense  (4810) Travel Expense 
(4810) Vehicle Expense (4810) Vehicle Expense
(4820) Bank Charges (4820) Bank Charges
(4840) Office Expense (4840) Office Expense
(4860) Professional & Consulting (4860) Professional & Consulting
(4870) Education & Training (4870) Education & Training
(4890) Charitable Works (4890) Charitable Works
(4890) Vouchers Paid to Part. Cou.

(4920) Sundry Expenses (4920) Sundry Expenses
(5050) Particular Council (5050) Conference 
(5050) Central Council
(5050) National Council Twinning (5050) National Council Twinning

(4500) Donations (4500) Donations
(4500) Bequests (4500) Bequests
(4510) Particular Council

(4510) Conference Contributions
(4510) Other Reg'd Charities (4510) Other Reg'd Charities
(4530) Poor Box Collections (4530) Poor Box Collections
(4530) Secret Collection (4530) Secret Collection
(4570) Grants (4570) Grants
(4580) Bank Interest (4580) Bank Interest
(4630) Fund Raising (4630) Fund Raising
(4640) Sale of Goods and Svcs (4640) Sale of Goods and Svcs
(4650) Sundry Income (4650) Sundry Income