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PCAMS Change Log                             
 Revision Content by Release
PCAMS revisions are released periodically in response to TCC-directed changes to SVP record keeping requirements as well as treasurer-suggested enhancements for functionality, useability and documentation. .  

Treasurers will be notified through TCC if any release / upgrade is mandatory in order to comply with CRA and / or Society's reporting requirements.

Treasurers should download the PCAMS spreadsheet annually to ensure they are using the latest software release designed to comply with the Society's financial management guidelines.     

PCAMS Version #  is displayed in the upper right of the Main sheet, as displayed at right.  
The following outlines the major changes contained in new releases of PCAMS.


12.00 2020/02/12
  • Release renumbered to align with CAMS; no changes from PCAMS Ver 11.10. 
11.10 2020/01/03
  • Tax Receipts ~  PDF image copy annotated as Duplicate Copy. 
  • Donations ~ add Search by donor name
  • Donations ~ add Sort within Collection date
11.09 2019/06/24
  • Regress support for file operations for Mac OSX
    (File Backup, Import / Export, Tax Receipt PDF image file no longer supported). 
10.08 2019/05/10
  • Gift-In-Kind Receipts ~ print receipts with automatic advance to next receipt. 
10.07 2018/09/25
  • Tax Receipts ~ save a PDF image copy while printing  tax receipts 
  • Donations ~ Env# search and hyperlink to donor name
10.06 2018/08/05
  • Donations ~ Sort Curr: sort donors with actual donations currently on file   
                    ~ Sort Mth: sort donors with donation within selected month
10.05 2018/07/29
  • no functional changes; release number revised to align with CAMS release level
10.04 2018/03/31
  • Tax Receipts ~ revise CRA web address reference to   canada.ca/charities-giving
  • Tax Receipts ~ display donation amount in English text
10.03 2017/03/26
  • Revenues worksheet ~ add Reconciliation flag to ledger display
10.02 2016/10/26
  • Revenues worksheet ~ revise ledger transaction display sequencing.
10.01 2016/03/03
  • Directors worksheet ~ removed from PCAMS; this worksheet was informational only and had no direct  involvement with ledgers and bookkeeping processes.
10.00 2016/02/11
  • Tax Receipts ~ revise print area to encompass one page of 3 tax receipts with cutlines at  ⅓ and ⅔ page positions; print process employs spinner control to select first receipt page, with automatic advance to next 3 donors
9.00 2016/01/28
  • Donations ~ increase from 450 to 600 donors; revise sort buttons VBA ranges
  • Tax Receipts ~ revise Option group from 450 to 600 donors
  • Labels ~ revise Option group from 450 to 600 donors
  • Main sheet ~ add Society Name selections to council initialization area
  • Tax Receipts ~ use Society Name from Main sheet initialization area
  • Stores Analysis ~ use conference table from Contributions Analysis worksheet 
  • Donations sheet ~ show #donations with no donorname and donors with no donations in Receipts Anomalies Information block
  • Tax receipts ~ add "Issued at" location to all receipt types (Cash, Gift-In-Kind, Bequest)
8.00 2013/09/08
  • Internal changes to support worksheet protection in Excel 2013. 
7.00 2013/01/24 Major changes to accounting classifications and treatement of Gifts-In-Kind required by CRA and National Council
  • Revenues sheet ~ addition of account 4640 Sale of Goods & Services 
  • Expenditures sheet ~ addition of accounts: 4810 Travel expense;  4810 Vehicle expense;  4860 Professional & Consulting fees;  4870 Education & Training for staff and volunteers;  4890 Vouchers paid to Particular Council
  • Book Balance sheet ~ revised to reflect the the new Revenue and Expenditure accounts above
  • Gifts In Kind Transferred In ~ sheet added to allow for recording Gifts In Kind received via transfer from another conference
  • Annual Financial Statement ~ revised to reflect new Revenue and Expenditure accounts above; Revenues and Expenditures revised to include the Fair Market Value of Gifts in Kind received and receipted by the conference, as well as Gifts in Kind transfered to the conference
  • Receipts sheets ~ revise CRA web address to www.cra-arc.gc.ca/charitiesandgiving
  • PCAMS Errror display systems ~ standardize error checking for the primary input sheets (Revenue, Expenditures, GiftinKind, Bequests) to display error messages on top row for common error conditions such as missing transaction dates, unbalanced amounts etc. 
  • All sheets ~ revise society name to "Society of Saint Vincent de Paul" (full word spelling of St.) for all system reports and receipt types in conformance with TCC name revision
6.00 2012/07/16
  • BankRec sheet ~  PCAMS support for reconciliation of bookkeeping balance with bank balance
5.00 2012/02/08
  • All  sheets ~ lock and password protect all worksheets to prevent inadvertant modification
  • Main sheet ~ add President name and conference phone# to initialization information
  • Annual Financial sheet ~  Page 3 T3010 Summary, report Gift-In-Kind Revenues and Gift-In-Kind Expenditures to Charitable Works or Qualified Donees
  • Gift-In-Kind sheet ~ expand support to 300 gift in kind receipts
  • Revenue, Expenditures, Gift-In-Kind, Bequests ~ add Excel Data Validation for transaction dates
  • ConfBalances ~ add YearToDate display for monthly accounts summary
  • Bequest sheet ~ provide support for 10 Bequests; revise Bequest receipt format
4.00 2009/12/18
  • Annual Financial Reports ~ add page 3 Summary for Section D T3010 input
3.00 2004/12/31
  • Inital system offering from SVP Central Council